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Facial Services

Back to Youth
Bakuchiol Facial

  • Back to Youth Bakuchiol Facial – 60 minute / $135.00
  • Back to Youth Bakuchiol Facial – 90 minute / $185.00
A creamy green tea extract & pH-balancing cleanser takes center stage to begin! A rose water tonic then helps minimize the appearance of pores, while replenishing complexion with much needed antioxidants. A whipped, natural plant fiber exfoliant then gently sloughs away rough, dead skin. Newly soft and smooth, a delicious CoQ10 mask is painted on to tighten and bring forth vibrance. This mask is made with real cocoa too — zero calories, zero guilt! Get back to youth with a resveratrol-packed serum that alleviates the look of fine lines. Next, a velvety whip made with brightening plant-based retinol alternative, bakuchiol, adds a wave of hydration and ageless benefits. End by perfecting those peepers with our biopeptide, eye transforming serum!

CBD Infused
Frozen Facial

  • Chilled Out CBD Infused Frozen Facial – 60 minute / $145.00
  • Chilled Out CBD Infused Frozen Facial – 90 minute / $195.00
Give yourself a minute with this radiance boosting facial — you deserve it. Complexion is first cleansed with a skin brightening CBD foaming gel before an illuminating tonic made with a cocktail of 11 superfruit extracts promotes vibrancy! Next, we refine and tone with an exfoliating mud mask made with genuine Red Arizona Montmorillonite Clay. After this refinement, a calming organic matcha mask is painted on to soothe and hydrate. Next, we break up with uneven skin tones as they’re treated with a vitamin C-rich serum-in-oil. Then, a watermelon extract gelée serum glides on with chilling facial globes for an extra oomph of illumination! End this zenned-out facial with an ageless eye perfecting serum.

Fire & Ice
Fruit Acid Facial

  • Fire & Ice Fruit Acid Facial – 60 minute / $175.00
  • Fire & Ice Fruit Acid Facial – 90 minute / $225.00
A crisp, foaming cleanser clears complexion so pores can absorb a cucumber water toner and all its clarifying nutrients like caffeic acid! Next, a skin-renewing mask made with naturally occurring fruit acids from papaya, organic U.S. grown blackberries and aronia fruit adds a little tingle while working its magic! An avocado extract mask is then massaged in using chilled facial globes — beginning at the neck and going all the way up to the forehead in gentle circular motions. We end with a brightening peptide and watercress extract serum — feel another dose of chill, compliments of our facial globes. An ageless eye serum is the cherry on top to hydrate and alleviate.

Frozen Sorbet
Chilled Resurfacing Facial

  • Frozen Sorbet Chilled Resurfacing Facial – 60 minute / $175.00
  • Frozen Sorbet Chilled Resurfacing Facial – 90 minute / $225.00
Wash the day away with a citrus, plant-based cleanser to prep skin for a Vitamin Berry Tonic. This alcohol- free toner provides vital nourishment from U.S. grown organic aronia berries! Next, we boost complexion’s brilliance with a fruit acid blend that simultaneously reveals fresh, smooth skin. Then, an organic matcha green tea mask calms and is followed by a Wine Down® serum that replenishes complexion with antioxidants. We depuff with a chill globe treatment that features a delicious watermelon extract gelée serum. These globes promote lymphatic drainage and visibly calm the look of skin too! End with a silky eye serum that alleviates the look of fine lines to bring forth a more youthful you!

Sway Royal Facial

  • Sway Royal Facial – 90 minute / $250.00

Looking for the best-of-the-best and to be pampered to the fullest? The Sway Royal Facial is our top treatment, including a rejuvenating facial, dermaplaning, high frequency, and other exclusive elements. This treatment is great for anyone looking to treat someone special (or themselves!) to a luxurious experience.

Back Facial

  • Back Facial – 60 minute / $150.00
This treatment focuses on exfoliating and moisturizing the skin on the back as well as extractions to clear out blocked pores. The Back Facial is great for anyone struggling with back acne, overly dehydrated skin, or oily skin.


  • Dermaplaning [a la carte] – 30 minute / $70.00
Dermaplaning is an exfoliating process that removes the top layer of your skin, getting rid of dead skin, flakes, acne scarring, and peach fuzz to leave your skin feeling its smoothest.

Facial Add-Ons​

The below services can be added on to any of the facial treatments at a reduced rate.

Dermaplaning is an exfoliating process that removes the top layer of your skin, getting rid of dead skin, flakes, acne scarring, and peach fuzz to leave your skin feeling its smoothest.

High Frequency

This treatment utilizes thermal current to treat acne, fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores, undereye circles, etc.

Glycolic Peel

This peel instantly unclogs pores, smooths skin texture, and clarifies complexion by rapidly exfoliating epidermal cells. This peel is ideal for anyone with textured skin, acne-prone skin, or skin that looks sluggish.

Lactic Green Tea Peel

This peel smooths, brightens, and exfoliates without drying or irritating skin. It’s ideal for anyone with hyperpigmentation, dry, or dull skin and will have your skin feeling glowy and fresh.

Beta Peel

This peel is a deep clarifying treatment that refines and resurfaces the skin. By actively exfoliating the top layers of the skin, it rids the pores of acne-causing buildup and helps fade hyperpigmentation. This peel can be used for all skin types, but is especially beneficial to those with oily skin, acne-prone skin, or anyone who has active acne.

Appointment Confirmations
We highly recommend that you schedule appointments in advance to ensure that your preferred treatment and time is available. Reservations are subject to availability and must be guaranteed with a credit card.


Cancellation Policy
Treatment times are reserved especially for you. To respect our technicians’ time, we kindly request that cancellations or changes to appointments be made at least 48 hours in advance. A 50% charge will be applied to your credit card for failure to follow this policy. No show appointments will be charged in full.


Late Show
As a courtesy to other clients, if you arrive late you will receive the remaining available time.
The full treatment price will apply.


*Please note: Our phone answering service is available outside of business hours should you want to make an appointment or reschedule/cancel an existing one.


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